Espresso Coffee Beans

What Are Espresso Coffee Beans?

On the lookout for luxurious Espresso Coffee beans?

Espresso coffee beans do not begin life as Espresso coffee beans but are in reality any darker roasted coffee beans. Espresso coffee beans are associated with Italian coffee and this is because espresso is a shot of high-pressure hot water pressurized through finely ground coffee in a fine metal filter. Espresso originated in Italy where the cafe owner would make a cup of regular coffee quickly, hence the name Espresso. However, the real breakthrough in Espresso coffee came with the invention of the espresso machine that we are familiar with today by Achille Gaggia in the early 20th century.

Espresso coffee beans characteristics are a darkly roasted coffee bean with an oily sheen from the natural coffee bean oils that have been brought to the surface by the coffee roasting process. A shot of espresso would not be complete without the crema on top. Crema is simply the Italian word for cream which is created by carbon dioxide being released under pressure from the pressurized hot water creating small bubbles which build a foam on top of the espresso. The thicker the crema the fresher the espresso coffee beans are and the darker the roast of the espresso coffee beans the darker the crema will be. 

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