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What are Lyons Nespresso Pods?

Lyons Nespresso coffee pods are specially designed to be compatible with all Nespresso coffee machines. Lyons has been making great coffee for over 100 years. Lyons coffee was founded in England in 1885 by four businessmen which grew to become the largest catering company in the world by 1921. Lyons coffee has developed a range of great-tasting Lyons coffee capsules that are convenient and easy to use in Nespresso coffee makers. Nespresso Lyons coffee capsules include the smooth tasting Lyons decaf dreams. The Green Lyons No3 Go Joe Rich and Full Bodied roast coffee pod, The Red Lyons No4 Perkadilly darker and lively roast coffee and the Purple Lyons No5 Rockadero strong dark coffee capsules, which are all available online in the UK from

How Much Coffee is in the Lyons Nespresso Compatible Capsules?

Lyons Nespresso compatible coffee capsules are made with real freshly ground Lyons coffee. Lyons pack roughly 5 grams of ground coffee into their standard Nespresso style pods. The stronger Purple Lyons No5 Rockadero capsules have 6 grams of coffee. The average Nespresso capsule contains 5 grams of coffee. Nespresso is owned by the Swiss food giant Nestle and a regular Nespresso capsule contains 86mg of caffeine. Lyons coffee capsules are distributed in the UK by with 24hr delivery available.