Coffee Filter Papers

What are Filter Papers?

Coffee filter papers were first invented by German housewife Melitta Bentz from Dresden in July 1908. Until this simple invention of conical filter papers, coffee used to be brewed in a pot on a stove or over a fire with the coffee grinds remaining in the pot, over time the coffee became stewed, thick and bitter until it was undrinkable. The coffee filter paper simply held the ground coffee while the hot water passed through the coffee leaving freshly brewed liquid coffee without the grit. The V-shaped perforated filter papers from Melitta are still sold today and are very popular with our UK online customers for use in their domestic 10 cup filter coffee machines.

What are the Different Sizes of Coffee Filter Papers?

Discount Coffee wholesales online various different shapes and sizes of dioxin free unbleached coffee filter papers including basket filter papers conical filter papers and V shaped filter papers. Discount Coffee's wholesales the very popular 3-pint filters for commercial coffee machines including; Bravilor, Bunn, Stills, Technivorm and Buffalo pour and serve. Our Delonghi coffee filter papers are the smaller basket size specially made for De Longhi filter coffee machines at home. Melitta filters are also specially available in the UK online. Size 1x4 coffee filter paper which is V-shaped sells extremely well with our online UK customers who have smaller filter coffee makers.

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