Lavazza Coffee

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Discount Coffee is proud to sell Lavazza coffee Italy's No1 best-selling coffee. We stock a wide range of Lavazza Coffee beans including Lavazza Super Crema, Lavazza Top Class, the stronger Lavazza Grand Espresso and Lavazza Qualita Rossa ground coffee.

What is the history of Lavazza

Perhaps the brand most universally synonymous with Italian café culture, Lavazza was founded in Turin in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza, originally from the neighbouring village of Murisengo. Nowadays, the company is known for the high-quality of its products, and yet its biggest contribution to the industry arguably came in 1910, when Lavazza introduced the first blended coffee as a means of differentiating its java from the single-origin offerings of its competitors. This strategy proved incredibly successful, allowing the company to take on new employees and move to larger premises, gradually expanding to become the leading player it is today. Discount Coffee stocks a wide range of beans from the traditional Lavazza Rossa coffee beans, our best selling Lavazza Crema E Aroma coffee beans and the ethically sourced Lavazza Tierra coffee beans.


Why Buy Lavazza from Discount Coffee?

Loved by enthusiasts the world over, Lavazza’s extensive range of ground, whole-bean based coffees will help you achieve the authentic taste of Italian espresso from the comfort of your home. However you like to prepare your morning coffee, Discount Coffee have a Lavazza Coffee that is sure to tick all the boxes for flavour, quality and our excellent value for money. Alongside the ubiquitous Qualità Rossa, we also stock delicious Lavazza Pienaroma, Lavazza Gold and Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans (amongst many others), as well as Lavazza decaf options for those wishing to curtail their caffeine intake.


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