Rio Coffee Bags

What are the different blends in the Rio Coffee Bags range?

Rio Coffee Bags are just like tea bags except they are, packed with fresh ground coffee inside the perforated bags. Every Rio coffee bag contains roughly 9 grams of roasted gourmet ground coffee and is packed in bulk boxes of 150 Rio coffee bags per box.

Rio coffee's master coffee roaster has developed these coffee bags with his No1 purpose to deliver a coffee bag that guarantees to makes a consistently flavoursome cup of coffee. Rio coffee bags are available online from and can be found all good retail stores in the UK.

Rio coffee bags range include No2 which is a mild arabica blend of smooth coffee for those who like a mild refreshing cup of coffee. Rio No3 which is the best selling Rio coffee bag, a blend of South American Arabica coffee beans medium roasted to create an all-day drinking coffee, smooth with cereal notes. No4 Rio coffee bag coffee has been roasted slightly longer to give a stronger fuller tasting cup of coffee. Rio coffee bag No6 is a darker longer roasted coffee for coffee lovers who enjoy a coffee bag that gives a real coffee punch. Finally, Rio decaf Coffee bags are a smooth blend of Arabica coffee beans which have been decaffeinated using the Swiss water process to remove all the caffeine from the coffee beans while preserving the fresh aroma and taste of the coffee.

Rio flavoured coffee bags are a new range of coffee bags that have fresh ground coffee flavoured with Vanilla, caramel or hazelnut. These Rio flavoured coffee bags are packed in boxes of 10 and are exclusively available online from

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