Instant Coffee

What is the history of instant coffee?

Instant coffee is made from real coffee beans which have been roasted, ground and brewed before the drying process. Soluble coffee and coffee powder are made by either spray drying coffee or for a better quality instant coffee, freeze-drying the liquid coffee. The British government granted a patent in 1771 for an early version of instant coffee called a "coffee compound".In 1890 New Zealand inventor David Strang patented instant coffee using the Dry Hot Air method which evaporated the moisture out of freshly brewed liquid coffee leaving behind crusty nuggets of dried coffee, unfortunately, it didn't taste very good. By 1910 launched America's first commercially successful instant coffee brand called Red E Coffee, which at least tasted like coffee.

The big breakthrough in the development of good flavoured instant coffee happened almost by accident when in 1930 the Brazillian Government worried about what to do with huge surpluses of coffee beans approached the Swiss food company Nestle to develop a process to make a great tasting soluble coffee which would solve the storage issues of excess coffee beans and develop a new market for their instant coffee. In 1938 after years of research and development "Nescafe" is launched and is an immediate success, using the new method of mixing carbohydrates with soluble coffee to make a better tasting instant coffee. The Second World War created massive demand for instant coffee for soldiers and American GIs are credited with the popularisation of instant coffee in the UK when they brought over their instant coffee rations. Liquid coffee in a glass bottle, such as Camp Coffee, had been the most popular method of making a cup of instant coffee in the UK prior to the arrival of Nescafe. Nestle further improved the quality of instant coffee with the agglomeration process which produces instant coffee particles by steaming the brewed coffee and then the latest and best method to date, the high-quality freeze-drying method which removes the water from the brewed coffee.

What are the 10 benefits of Instant Coffee?

1, Lower shipping weight and volume than coffee beans mean its cheaper to ship around the world. 

2, Longer shelf life so stays fresher for longer.

3, Quicker way to make a cup of coffee.. no brewing delay.

4, Consistent taste

5, Foolproof way to make a cup of coffee, no skill required.

6, Easy to change coffee strength by adding more or less coffee to the cup.

7, Convenient for travelling, compact and light.

8, No expensive machinery required, just hot water.

9, Cleaner way to make coffee with no messy grounds of coffee to dispose of.

10, Instant coffee has lower caffeine levels than brewed coffee.

What brands of instant coffee are available online at Discount Coffee?

Nescafe Gold Blend 750g tin and coffee sticks are some of the UK's best selling instant coffee products. Colombian instant vending coffee is perfect for making a great cup of coffee in most vending machines. Discount Coffee supplies a number of instant coffee brands online for Hotel bedroom use including; Nescafe Original sticks, Fairtrade Inca Gold coffee sachets and Cafe Direct coffee sticks. Decaffeinated Nescafe and Aztec Gold decaffeinated sachets are perfect for our UK online customers who require the convenience of decaffeinated instant coffee.

Douwe Egberts Rich Roast instant coffee is perfect for our online UK customers looking for a real continental tasting instant coffee. Kenco Smooth freeze-dried instant coffee is loved by our online catering and office customers.

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