Iced Coffee

What is Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee is a hot coffee drink cooled over ice with added milk or sugar which is usually consumed in the summer months. Freshly brewed coffee can be chilled over ice cubes to make a black iced coffee with little or no calories. Iced coffee can come in many different flavours including, caramel, vanilla, mint, and Irish cream. Mokate Go iced coffee cans offer a simple and delicious solution to enjoying iced coffee on the go. Mokate Go iced coffee in 250ml cans comes in three different flavours, latte, caramel, and vanilla, and is available from UK online coffee wholesaler

To make your own iced coffee, simply brew a fresh cup of coffee from your cafetiere or espresso coffee machine, let it cool then add ice cubes to cool. To flavour your cold brew you can add milk and sugar or simply add a dash of Rio caramel or vanilla sugar-free coffee syrup. to make a vegan iced coffee latte, simply add Rio vegan creamer to your freshly brewed coffee, chill and then add iced cubes.

NY vanilla, NY Irish cream, NY caramel, NY 2 in 1 coffee sachets and NY 3 in 1 coffee sachets are the simplest way to make instant cold brew coffee at home. Take a sachet of NY instant coffee add hot water, mix and allow to chill, then add ice cubes to make a delicious instant iced coffee.

Frappe is a Frothy Iced Coffee.

Frappe is traditionally a Greek iced coffee invented in 1957 with milk and sugar shaken to make a thick frothy iced coffee drink. Frappes can have various coffee syrup flavours added to make a range of different tasting iced coffee frappes. Rio syrups, Monin syrups and Sweetbird flavouring syrups are the easiest way to add colour and flavour to your frappe. Viennese iced coffee is very similar to frappes, with freshly brewed Rio Oro espresso coffee poured over crushed ice, with milk and sugar and finally topped with fresh whipped cream.

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