Coffee Pods

Coffee Pods

Grabbing coffee “to go” has become more commonplace in recent years, with our lives becoming busier than ever.

For many people, the idea of making an instant coffee or that made from pods meant compromising the flavour, but that certainly is no longer the case. Recognising the need for exceptional espresso coffee on the run, many renowned coffee manufacturers such as Nespresso, Lavazza and Rio have forayed in to the world of coffee pods. The result is the same delicious tasting coffee you already know and love, with plenty of added benefits.  

The benefits of Coffee Pods

There are many great reasons to consider switching to pods. For one, pods are great for people with a busy schedule. The easy pop-in-and-press function means you can let your coffee machine do the hard work for you, whilst you focus on errands or getting ready for the next meeting. Gone are the days of relying on your barista for your next delicious espresso too; many machines have different brewing functions to make your coffee just how you like it. There is no mess involved with grinding or transferring beans into the machine, and cleaning the coffee machine afterwards is simple as well.

Pods also tend to stay fresher for longer, so unlike a bag that needs to be kept in the fridge or a tub that needs resealing, you can open whenever you’re ready and enjoy instantly fresh, single-serve coffee. There is a plethora of flavours options, machines for coffee pods tend to be smaller than those for conventional drip coffee, the pods only take a few minutes to make (we could go on, but we’re making ourselves thirsty…)

Students, professionals and all-round coffee lovers with busy lives can benefit from using coffee pods, a wide selection of which is available online through Discount Coffee.

Shop the Discount Coffee selection of Coffee Pods

At Discount Coffee, we have a selection of Coffee Pods made from leading coffee manufacturers, compatible with popular instant coffee pod machines.

There are many different blends and flavours available, as well as pods and capsules of various shapes and sizes to help you find something you like. Our Pods are available in bulk buy options and smaller packs, so whether you are treating yourself or stocking up for the office, you can find something that easily fits your needs. Great coffee doesn't have to mean paying more, and with Discount Coffee, you can enjoy great savings on things like coffee pods to make your everyday routine that little bit easier.

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