Vegan Coffee Products

Are Coffee Beans Vegan?

Yes. Coffee beans like any other plant-based product are classed as Vegan. A black cup of coffee is Vegan, however, if you order a standard cappuccino, latte, flat white, or white coffee from any café or restaurant, be sure to ensure that you order it with Vegan non-dairy milk or they will not be a Vegan refreshment. A black cup of tea is a Vegan product too exactly the same as coffee. Ground and filter coffee are also Vegan. If nothing has been added to these products, they are simply coffee beans ground down with no additives. Some instant coffee products have dairy products added to them which means that they are definitely not Vegan including instant cappuccino and latte mixes. At Discount Coffee we have several options for vegans.


What is Veganism?

Being Vegan, in general, involves more than just following a Vegan diet, it represents a choice to live a Vegan lifestyle. This is where you avoid all animal-derived goods and you are aware of the ethical and environmental consequences of food production. Fairtrade beans such as Rio Fairtrade coffee beans, which are available to purchase on our website, are a great example of delicious, ethical, Vegan coffee beans.


What is Vegan milk?

Vegan milk is any non-dairy milk made from vegetable-based milk substitutes including; soy, almond, coconut, cashews, nuts, rice, beans, oats, and other plants. Every year there is a celebration of non-dairy milk on "World Plant Milk Day". Dairy production contributes to high levels of world greenhouse gases and any reduction in commercial animal milk production can assist the protection of our environment. Lactose intolerance is another reason for the growth in demand for Vegan non-dairy milk. Some of the big advantages of Vegan milk over dairy milk products is the fact that Vegan Milk is a long-life product and does not require any refrigeration and is happy to be stored on the shelf until opened.


Best Vegan Milk for Coffee

In general, Vegan milk tastes great, however, some Vegan milk tastes better than others. The taste is dependent upon whether it is used in hot drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, or simply as a replacement for your cold cereal milk. Different types of vegan milk have different textures and react differently to heat. As each type of Vegan milk is made from an entirely different ingredient, the tastes can be very different and so a person’s personal preference is another big factor in its taste. For those who hate nuts, for example, almond and cashew milk is a definite no. On the other hand, there are some people who can’t stand the taste of coconut and so coconut milk isn’t an option for them. Therefore, choosing the best vegan milk for coffee is really down to your taste buds.


Soy Milk Pots from Discount Coffee

Champion soya milk pots are a fantastic Vegan replacement for dairy milk pots and do not separate when used in hot drinks such as tea and coffee. Champion soya milk jiggers are creamy and are available to purchase from our online shop. Even office vending machines can now replace their standard dairy vending milk powder with Vegan Vending Whitener powder.


Vegan Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamer is a light cream used in coffee instead of milk. Vegan creamer, or non-dairy creamer, is simply a non-dairy version of this. Dairy-free vegan coffee creamer is also known as whitener. Whiteners can be liquid or granulated substances. We stock a delicious vegan coffee creamer that is completely cruelty-free. Rio Vegan Coffee Whitener comes in 700g bags which can be purchased in packs of one or packs of ten. This tasty powdered coffee creamer is 100% dairy-free and available in the UK from our shop.


Is Sugar Vegan?

This question causes debate amongst many advocates of plant-based, cruelty-free diets. Although sugar is made from plants (sugarcane or sugar beet), white refined sugar is filtered in order to remove molasses and give it its white colour and super-sweet taste. Unfortunately, bone char is widely used as the decolorizing filter within the sugar industry. Bone char is typically made from the bones of cattle. So, any sugar that has been filtered using this animal product is not vegan. However, there are alternative methods for filtering sugar and there are many big sugar brands out there that opt for cruelty-free, vegan options. Tate & Lyle is one of the sugar brands that filters sugar using non-animal products. We stock Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Granulated White Sugar, which is 100% vegan. We are proud to sell one of the leading brands of vegan sugar in the UK.


What are Vegan Products?

The word Vegan was first adopted by Donald Watson, who launched "The Vegan News" in the UK in 1944. Veganism means a diet and lifestyle which excludes all animal-origin foods and products. Unlike vegetarians, who follow a meat-free diet, Vegans cannot consume dairy. Vegans essentially follow a solely plant-based diet. Vegan products are those which have no animal origin, so this means that all soya, coffee, tea, and cocoa are vegan. Additionally, there is an ethical question to consider regarding these products' production with many Vegans choosing to buy ethically grown Vegan foods which are Fair Trade certified. Vegans may also choose to cut out all animal products from their "Vegan Lifestyle", including animal-derived clothing and cosmetics. Examples of vegan products include powdered coffee creamer and vegan sugar.

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