Disposable Coffee Cups

Looking for a disposable paper cup supplier?

Discount Coffee is one of the UK's biggest suppliers of paper and disposable cups at very competitive prices. We stock a broad range of paper cups from double-walled paper cups, triple walled paper cups and Kraft ripple paper cups. Discount Coffee stocks various sizes of cups including 4oz, 8oz 12oz and 16oz paper cups.

What is the history of paper cups?

Paper disposable coffee cups were thought to have originated in China in the 2nd century. It was not until around 1908 that an American company invented the first modern disposable cup called the Dixie Cup. Paper cups became extremely popular with the public after a number of health warnings surrounding the use of shared cups and the passing on of diseases. Paper cups are usually lined with a wax coating or a PE plastic coating to prevent leakages.

During the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the protection of the environment has led to the introduction of partial and fully recyclable disposable cups produced from paper sourced sustainable forests. Today the number of coffee paper cups being recycled has risen tenfold. All our paper cups from Discount Coffee are sourced from sustainable forests and we are introducing a range of fully recyclable paper cups.

It is so simple to buy paper and disposable cups from Discount Coffee.

We sell a large range of various sizes and colours of paper cups from our smallest 4oz paper cups which are perfect for espresso coffee and sampling cups through to our most popular sizes of 8oz paper cups and their larger cousins the 12 oz paper cups. Discount Coffee can supply you with a small number of paper cups from one single sleeve of 50 cups all the way to pallets of 60 cases of disposable cups and even containers of cups if you wish at very competitive prices.

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