Ground Coffee

Freshly Ground Coffee

Few things are as refreshing as the smell and taste of a cup of freshly roasted ground coffee.

Coffee aficionados will no doubt attest to the difference that properly ground coffee makes, and how much the right preparation can impact the overall flavour. If you consider yourself a coffee lover, the good news is you don’t have to rely on your local coffee house to enjoy the finest, artisan coffee – Discount Coffee can supply you with a wide range of freshly ground coffee online to suit your requirements.

An essential part of crafting the perfect cup of coffee starts with buying the correct ground coffee. You can opt for a ground coffee such as Rio Italian Roast Course Ground Coffee or a Mokarabia ground coffee in a tin. Discount Coffee stocks a large variety of ground coffees in one place, making it easy for you to compare your options side by side without having to shop around.

Different Types of Ground Coffee

Espresso ground coffee is usually a dose of 7 grams of finely ground coffee similar to a powder but with a little bit of grit. Rio Barista ground coffee is specially produced for our espresso machine customers when grinding the coffee beans is not an option. The Rio espresso ground coffee is ground at the optimum grind setting to produce a fantastic espresso coffee in most traditional espresso and cappuccino machines.

Most pre-ground coffee sold online such as Lyons Exclusive roast ground coffee and Lavazza Rossa ground coffee are both Omni grind, this is a middle of the road ground coffee which is designed to be used in most types of coffee equipment including; filter coffee machines, French Pres-cafetieres, espresso coffee machines and stovetop coffee makers.

However, it is always better to select a specially ground coffee for a particular use, for example, if you require ground coffee for a cafetiere / French Press then a coarse ground coffee is required to allow the fresh coffee to brew correctly and to prevent unnecessary coffee sludge at the bottom of your cup of coffee. Rio Rich Cafetiere coffee is available in the UK online from Discount Coffee is a coarse ground coffee for exclusive use in Cafetiers.

Filter ground coffee requires a medium grind for use in most pour and serve filter coffee machines including Bunn, Bravilor, Technivorm and Stills. Filter coffee makers both commercial and domestic usually use a disposable coffee filter paper to brew the ground coffee, and if the ground coffee is ground too finely the coffee machine will overflow and if the grind is too coarse then the brewed coffee will not extract the full taste of the coffee and will be watery. Discount Coffee supply a broad range of Rio Filter ground coffee online including the very popular medium roasted all-day coffee, Rio Blue Mountain and Rio decaffeinated filter coffee, for those who do not wish to be caffeine free.

Stovetop and Turkish style coffee makers require exceptionally finely ground coffee to extract the full flavour from the freshly ground coffee. Our Rio Barista Ground coffee is perfect for use in stovetop coffee makers.

Buy Ground Coffee Online Today

Whether you choose to buy online a finely ground espresso style coffee such as Larozza Crema ground coffee for your espresso machine or you are looking to purchase a fabulous tasting cafetiere coarse ground coffee like the Rio Rich Cafetiere coffee then you will find all you need on our online shop at Discount Coffee. For filter coffee lovers there is a wide choice of filter ground coffee from our best selling Rio Filter coffee range. Both Lavazza Qualita Rossa 500g ground coffee bags and Davidoff Aroma ground coffee are Omni ground and perfect for most uses. If you are using a pre-ground coffee, such as Lavazza, you can create artisan-style coffee by using a cafetiere and simply adding hot water. Finally Discount Coffee wholesales Rio Decaffeinated filter coffee and Lavazza Decaffeinated ground coffee for those who do not wish to consume caffeine.

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