Tea Bags

Who Invented Tea Bags?

Tea bags were first invented in America by New York Tea merchant Thomas Sullivan in 1908 when he gave his customers samples of his tea in small easy to use tea bags made from silk. Tea first arrived in the UK in the seventeenth century as an expensive luxury, by the late nineteenth-century black tea was fast becoming the UK's no1 beverage. Most of the tea consumed in the UK is from India which overtook China as the main supplier of tea. The development of teabags from using silk to the common perforated paper tea bag solved a number of issues around the making and serving of tea. The main concern when brewing tea leaves in a teapot was the removal of the loose tea leaves after the optimum brewing time and the mess of used tea leaves. Tea bags resolved both of these issues in one go, easy to remove once the tea had brewed and no messy old tea leaves to dispose of. Tea bags began to become popular in America from the 1920s, however tea bags did not really take off in the UK until after the end of the Second World War and the cessation of Rationing in mid-1950s. In the 1960s tea bags in the UK made up only 3% of the UK tea market, by 2007, tea bags were 96% of the total UK tea sales.

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