Vending Coffee

What is Vending Machine Coffee?

Vending machine coffee is usually instant coffee or liquid coffee which is mixed with hot water to make a fresh cup of coffee to be dispensed from a vending machine. Vending coffee is usually freeze-dried or granulated to allow instant coffee to flow and dissolve quickly when added to hot water.

Some vending machine coffee is already prepacked into its dispensing cup, the most common size of vending machine coffee Incup is 73mm. This Klix coffee style of Incup products also includes many variations to choose from including PG Tips tea and Nescafe coffee plus a wide variety of soups including chicken and vegetable soup. Incup vending machine coffee can also have sugar and or whitener already added to the coffee inside the cup ready for use.

Modern Fresh Brew vending machine coffees require fresh ground coffee or coffee beans which are used to make fresh coffee have a built-in coffee grinder and coffee filter mechanism to remove the coffee grounds from the coffee.


Buy a refill for your vending machine and choose from our selection of vending coffee from Nescafe Gold Blend or single origin Classic Colombian coffee.

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