Nespresso Pods & Capsules

What are Nespresso Pods?

Nespresso Pods are single-use, patented, aluminium capsules containing ground coffee. They were launched in 1995 and are owned and produced by the Swiss food group Nestle, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. These little pods have been made famous worldwide with their endorsement by the American actor George Clooney.

A standard Nespresso pod contains 5 grams of real ground coffee, not instant coffee as some people mistakenly believe. A Nespresso Lungo coffee pod usually contains 6 grams of coffee. They are designed to make the art of producing a great tasting espresso coffee idiot proof. Simply pop the capsule into a Nespresso compatible coffee machine and press the button. In just over 90 seconds, you will have a perfect Italian espresso coffee with no mess and no coffee grains to clear up.

Using these little capsules is a simple, convenient and quick way to produce a wide range of top quality coffee. Nespresso has made the art of frothing milk for your cappuccinos and lattes really easy with the addition of the electric milk frother which can be purchased as an accessory to your Nespresso coffee machine.

Which Type Do We Sell?                            

Nespresso coffee pods are available online from our website and comprise of a number of different coffee collections including:

Espresso Nespresso: Short drinks in the espresso coffee style produced from premium quality coffee.

Lungo Nespresso: Lungo meaning Tall, are coffee pods that make a longer drink with roughly double the liquid volume than a standard Espresso.

Decaffeinated Nespresso: A broad range of De-caffeinato pods for those who love the taste of coffee but without the caffeine content.

Pure-Origine Nespresso: These are single origin estate coffees from different coffee regions usually in the espresso coffee style.

Nespresso Coffee's patent expired on their aluminium coffee pods in 2011 and since then there has been an explosion of Nespresso compatible coffee pods, some much better in quality than others. However, original Nespresso pods continue to be the public's number 1 choice. 


Can You Recycle Nespresso Refills?

Nespresso coffee pods are produced from aluminium and not plastic and can be recycled. However, this can only be achieved at specialist recycling plants. Nespresso claim that their use of aluminium maintains the ground coffee in the little packet at their optimum.

Recently, in an effort to protect the environment we have been encouraging our customers to return their used Nespresso coffee pods to our main UK distribution plant in Scotland. From here they are packed up and sent directly to Nespresso in England. Nespresso has a specialist recycling plant in Congleton where the used coffee grains are separated from the aluminium coffee pods and then the metal is melted down to be reused.

Why Choose Us?

Not only do we offer an exclusive recycling service, but we also stock a wide range of Nespresso pods that are available for next day delivery in the UK. One of the most popular selling Nespresso refills in the UK are the Ristretto pods, due to their intense strength and full flavour. Nespresso Arpeggio pods are also very popular and are slightly milder than the Ristretto. Rosabaya is our top selling Pure-Origine Nespresso capsule with its fruity and medium strength taste. Nespresso has a coffee pod to suit every taste, simply check out our taste descriptions for every individual type when placing your Nespresso coffee pod order.

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