Milk Pots and Creamers

There are times when, for one reason or another, fresh milk is simply unavailable or impractical.

Thankfully, we offer a wide variety of long-life alternatives to deal with such situations, including products from Millac , Cafe Maid, Lakeland, Pondermill and Nestlé. Whether you are running an office, a small café or a large catering company, we have a range of milk pots and creamers to meet the demands of your business. For those with specific dietary requirements, non dairy creamers can also be an excellent substitute for dairy-based products, as they are lactose-free and typically low in fat. This range offers fantastic long-life alternatives to milk and cream, and represents superb value for your business. We also offer a range of individually wrapped powdered milk sachets from Pondermill, which are long life and perfect for B&Bs, camping trips, or anywhere where a milk powder is required.

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