Coffee Sticks

What are the advantages of using Coffee Sticks?

Coffee sticks followed on from the idea of packing sugar into sticks and not in the traditional square sachets. Square sugar sachets had air trapped inside them along with humidity, over a period of time this humidity would turn the packed sugar hard. Sugar sticks resolved this humidity problem by packing the sugar in a tight space with compressed air. Coffee Sticks are packed in a similar way to sugar sticks removing humidity thus giving the 100% pure instant coffee sticks a longer shelf life. The coffee sticks help the environment and cost less to pack because the coffee sticks require less packaging and less shelf space than the usual sachets. The coffee sticks are also very easy to open. Because of these advantages, Nestle first launched in the UK, Nescafe Original instant coffee sticks in 200 x 1.8g boxes.

What types of Coffee Sticks are available online?

The Swiss food company Nestle introduced the handy Nescafe Original coffee sticks which were quickly followed by the launch of Nescafe Gold Blend coffee sticks containing premium tasting Arabica freeze-dried coffee. Nescafe Gold freeze died coffee was first launched in 1965 to cater for a more discerning coffee customer. Decaffeinated instant coffee sticks are also now readily available in the UK online including; Nescafe original Decaffeinated sticks and the smoother tasting Nescafe Gold Blend coffee sticks. Discount Coffee supplies online Fairtrade coffee sticks including; Cafe Direct Fairtrade Medium Roast coffee sticks in 200 x 1.8g boxes and a Fairtrade Cafedirect Decaffeinated box of 200 coffee sticks.

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