Coffee Bags

What are Coffee Bags?

Coffee bags are very similar to tea bags except that they contain ground coffee, not tea. Coffee bags are a great way to make a proper cup of fresh coffee. Usually, these coffee bags are one cup and contain roughly 7grams of ground coffee. They use perforated paper similar to tea bags which were first invented in 1908 by New York businessman Thomas Sullivan. Coffee bags have become very popular with Discount Coffee's online UK customers who are looking to make their lives easier by using bags whenever and where ever they are to make a fresh cup of real coffee. There is a broad range of bags to choose from including decaffeinated coffee bags, mild, medium and strong tasting bags plus a new range of gourmet single origin coffee bags. Lyons coffee bags are very popular and available online from Discount Coffee.

What Are The Advantages of Coffee Bags?

When using coffee bags to make a lovely cup of real coffee the advantages become clear. You only require fresh hot water plus a coffee bag and do not need a coffee machine to make a cup of ground coffee. The coffee bags offer a good choice in strength and taste, Lyons No4 coffee bag makes a stronger tasting Italian style coffee, while the Lyons No2 coffee bag makes a very mild and light cup of coffee. It is really convenient when using coffee bags to brew a cup of coffee because there is no grinding of coffee beans, no waste, no mess, no fuss, Individually foil wrapped for freshness, ready when you need it, easy to pack and travel with every cup making a fantastic cup of fresh coffee. Simply pop a coffee bag into your mug add freshly boiled water leave for roughly 2 minutes stir and squeeze and then squeeze and dispose of the old coffee bag.

Are There Catering Boxes of Coffee Bags?

Discount Coffee sells online in the UK Lyons bulk catering boxes of Lyons No2, Lyons No3, Lyons No4 and Lyons Decaf bags which contain 150 individually wrapped Lyons coffee bags. These Bulk boxes of Lyons coffee bags are perfect for B&Bs and Hotels for use in their bedrooms and for offices where there is a requirement for lots of fresh cups of top quality coffee. These bulk catering boxes of coffee bags are cheaper and help to save our UK online customers money too when compared to the standard Lyons retail bag box of 18 coffee bags.