Vending Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate For Vending Machines Tastes Great.

Vending hot chocolate powder which is specially designed for use in vending machines and hot drinks machines tastes great because the hot chocolate powder is made from cocoa solids which contain all the creamy tasting chocolate flavour. The first vending machine was invented by the Rudd-Melikian Company from Philadelphia, the USA in 1947. The world's first chocolate bar was invented in the UK by Fry's chocolate one hundred years earlier in 1847. Vending hot chocolate is made when the cocoa butter is removed from the cocoa solids after fermentation of the ground cocoa beans, this is known as the Dutch process, named after Van Houten a Dutch chemist in 1827. Hot chocolate powder for vending machines which is available online in the UK is usually a blend of milk powder, sugar and cocoa solids along with anti-caking agents to prevent the vending hot chocolate powder from clogging up the instant drinks machines.

What Is The History Of Hot Chocolate?

Chocolate, as we know it today in the UK, is believed to have originated in Latin America and in particular Mexico where Cacao trees grew wild and the ancient word for chocolate is Kakawa. The Mayan people who lived in the Mexican region between 250-900AD made chocolate a central part of their day to day life and religious ceremonies. Cocoa beans were used as a currency and ground chocolate beans were brewed into a bitter frothy hot drink to which the Mayans often added honey, vanilla and even chilli. In many ways, this ancient frothy hot chocolate resembles a cup of frothy creamy vending hot chocolate today.

By the Fifteenth Century, the Aztecs were the dominant culture in Central America and the Mexican region and chocolate were considered to be a gift from their God Quetzalcoatl. In Aztec life, you could not get married without five cocoa beans being given as part of your wedding dowry. Following the Spanish Conquistadors domination of Latin America in the 16th Century chocolate made its way into the European market where the bitter hot chocolate drink was quickly sweetened with honey and spices and eventually sugar to suit the European tastes. Hot chocolate quickly became popular as a rich and luxurious drink with a fabulous aroma.

Today, chocolate is mainly grown in Western Africa with the Ivory Coast being the world's largest exporter of cocoa beans.

Top Selling Wholesale Vending Hot Chocolate Brands Available From Discount Coffee.

Available online in the UK is a wide range of famous branded vending hot chocolate powders including Galaxy instant hot chocolate, Cadburys Vending hot chocolate powder, Classic Hot Chocolate vending powder and Discount Coffee's top-selling Belgium hot chocolate powder. Typically for vending machines, the recommended gram throw per cup of instant hot chocolate is 29g of vending hot chocolate powder into a cup of 180ml of added hot water. 

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