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You’ve often heard of gourmet coffee, but how much do you know about what makes a gourmet blend, gourmet?

When choosing your coffee, it’s natural to want only the very best, whether it’s to enjoy on your own, with friends or family, or even at the office. At Discount Coffee, we have a wide selection of delicious Gourmet Coffee that offers a premium taste, without the premium price tag.

What is Gourmet Coffee?

While there is no official accreditation to determine whether or not a coffee is gourmet, the general consensus among farmers and coffee lovers is that gourmet coffee is made using 100% Arabica beans.

There are two types of beans grown and used for coffee – Robusta and Arabica. There are many structural differences between the beans that contribute to everything from the taste to ease of growth and purchase price. Essentially, Arabica is the harder bean to grow; it requires a growing temperature of 15oC-24oC, it yields less hectares than Robusta, is more susceptible to crop-killing diseases like Coffee Berry Disease (CBD) or Hemileia Vastatrix, and has four sets of chromosomes rather than two. In short, it is the harder bean to grow, and even harder to do so to a high standard. When delicious Arabica beans are harvested, roasted and packed to perfection, the result is considered to be Gourmet Coffee.

When to enjoy Gourmet Coffee

There is always a great time to enjoy Gourmet Coffee.

With that said, when to enjoy it is typically a matter of preference. For many people, gourmet coffee is reserved for special occasions or fancy parties, for example. However, it is almost universally agreed that adding sweeteners, flavour shots like caramel syrup, or even milk is not recommended with gourmet coffee. Additives have the potential to mask the flavour profile and hide the nuance and quality of the beans, which when it comes to gourmet coffee, is the whole point!

Buy Gourmet Coffee beans from Discount Coffee

At Discount Coffee, we’re passionate about sourcing only the finest coffee beans possible for our customers.

Our gourmet coffee is made by a master roaster, using only high-end coffee beans sourced from celebrated coffee regions around the world. We take great care to communicate directly with the plantations we deal with (and even visit on occasion) to make sure we are getting the finest beans possible to make our gourmet coffee. What’s more, we do so in a way that is fair and ethical, ensuring our partners make a living wage for the coffee they produce.

Ultimately, the best way to discern what really makes a gourmet coffee special and different from the rest is to try it! Shop today, and find a great selection of brand-name gourmet coffee at competitive prices from Discount Coffee.


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