William Fox Syrups

Who is William Fox Syrups?

William Fox Syrups was founded in 2015 by two drinks enthusiasts in Liverpool, England to create a high-quality unique range of natural colourless Gomme syrups, especially for the cocktail market.

William Fox chose to use only glass bottles with built-in pourers for their syrups because this was preferred by the cocktail bar customers instead of plastic and also because of glass vs plastic environmental benefits. William Fox artisan syrups are vegan and vegetarian-friendly and their syrups are also free from all artificial preservatives, colours and flavours. Cocktail bar customers especially appreciated the colourless Fox range of syrups when creating cocktails. Fox syrups are also very popular with coffee shop and restaurant customers who are looking to add a wide range of 100% preservative-free naturally flavoured syrups to their coffee.

Fox Syrups also chose to use only natural Acacia gum as their emulsifier which is a pure gum derived from the sap of two acacia trees the African Senegal Acacia tree and the red acacia tree Vachellia Seyar. The advantage of using Acacia gum in Fox Syrups is that it enhances the taste and mouth feel of their syrups making them fantastically smooth and velvety. Natural gum-arabic syrups are known as Gomme Syrups.

What is Gomme Syrup?

Gomme syrup is a natural gum-based syrup. Gomme Syrups are a mixture of sugar and water and are commonly used as mixers for cocktails. Arcaia gum is the natural gum taken from the Senegal Aracacia tree and the African red Vachellia Seyar acacia tree. and chosen by Fox Syrups to be their main emulsifier ingredient. The advantages of using Arcaia gum (E414) are that it is 100% natural and produces an amazing mouthfeel and texture of smoothness. Acacia gum is also high in fibre.



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