Rio Syrups

Are Rio Syrups Sugar-Free?

Rio syrups are sugar-free substituting sugar with sucralose. Sucralose is derived from natural sugar and is a zero-calorie sweetener with a clean aftertaste. Rio coffee syrups have been specially created by award-winning French flavourists in collaboration with coffee baristas, bartenders, and mixologists to produce a luxury range of syrups full of rich natural flavours and aromas. 

Who Makes Rio Syrups?

Rio commissioned a specialist European flavour and aroma company to create a new luxury range of Barista quality syrups for the coffee and bar market. Rio's "Mission Statement" was; "to create a new luxury range of flavouring syrups which not only benchmarked the world's leading syrup brands such as Monin and Routin 1883 for quality and aroma but surpasses them". After two years of research and development by French flavour experts and numerous taste tests and extensive secret trials in the coffee bar market, Rio Syrups launched their initial two flavoured syrups Caramel and Vanilla both of which are sugar-free, with many more new and exciting flavours coming to the market in the coming months and years.

Rio's market research established early on that Vanilla and Caramel were the two most popular selling flavours in Europe and that they should be sugar-free substituting sucralose for sugar following UK Health guidelines recommendations for the reduction of sugar consumption. Rio Syrups are exclusively distributed by online coffee wholesalers


Rio Syrups

Rio Syrups are a new professional range of luxury flavouring syrups for use by baristas in coffee bars, bartenders and mixologists in cocktail bars and ice cream and dessert shops. Rio syrups is a range of premium quality syrups bursting with flavour and wonderful aroma.

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