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Our premium coffee beans are responsibly sourced from the globe’s elite coffee territories. After arriving in the UK, they are expertly roasted, promptly packaged, & delivered to your establishment, ensuring optimal freshness. Additionally, our Rio beans are certified carbon neutral.

Vending Supplies

Enhance your business with our premium vending supplies. From top-quality coffee beans & hot chocolate to milk powders & creamers, our products ensure exceptional taste & convenience. Trusted by cafes, hotels, & offices, Rio Coffee delivers freshness and reliability with every order.

Syrups & Pumps

Enhance your beverages with our range of delicious, sugar & sugar-free syrups. Perfect for coffees, frappes, & cocktails. Popular options include caramel, vanilla, & hazelnut. Discover the full selection & enjoy premium, vegan-friendly syrups that cater to both classic and adventurous tastes.


Ensure your business runs smoothly with our top-quality disposable supplies. From eco-friendly paper cups & lids to sturdy stirrers and filter papers, Discount Coffee offers everything you need for efficient & sustainable service. Combine convenience with environmental responsibility.

“We chose to work with The Borough Coffee Company as they’re a progressive London based company offering excellent service, cutting edge equipment and bespoke coffee that befits The Langham’s pursuit of outstanding quality”

The Langham, London

“We have been dealing with The Borough Coffee Company for the last few years; they have made significant reductions to our coffee expenditure and have also helped support our green agenda, which is very important to our hotel. Their ongoing support and customer care is excellent.”

Royal Lancaster London

“Here at the K West Hotel and Spa we are proud to offer Borough Coffee to our valued guests. We truly believe in the product and we receive a consistently high level of service from Grahame and his team. Borough Coffee is now our coffee of choice and we offer it throughout the hotel and spa. We would highly recommend Borough Coffee and their ethically sourced coffee.”

K West Hotel & Spa

“From the first day of supplying The Harlington The Borough Coffee Company has always provided fantastic service. We always promote the coffee as a local business – which our customers love. Nothing is too much trouble for these guys.”

The Harlington Arts & Entertainment Centre

“ I have been working with Grahame and Borough Coffee for over 5 years now, the moment he agreed to create a bespoke coffee for ST Ermins hotel, I knew we were on the right path. Their commitment to our needs make my life easier; from a last minute delivery to training, everything is organised quickly and seamless. A total pleasure to work with them.”

St Ermins Hotel


As premier Coffee Suppliers, Discount Coffee understands the art and science behind an exceptional cup of coffee. We can equip your business with state-of-the-art equipment and responsibly sourced, high-quality beans to ensure every cup is nothing short of perfect!

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Find out more about our coffee beans sourced ethically from around the globe.

We are committed to ensuring fairness for everyone involved.

All of our Rio Coffee Beans are carbon neutral and we support the following associations

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance

A global initiative dedicated to preserving ecosystems through improved business practices that promote biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability, while ensuring the well-being of coffee-growing communities.



Works with businesses, community groups and individuals to improve the trading position of producers and deliver sustainable livelihoods for farmers, workers and communities.

Ethically Traded

Ethically Traded

Our Ethically Traded beans are sourced responsibly, ensuring fair treatment and wages for farmers. By choosing our coffee, you support sustainable practices and contribute to a positive impact on coffee-growing communities worldwide.

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Elevate your business with our premium coffee and Rio products.

We're committed to enhancing the coffee experience for both people and the planet. Join over 1,000 UK businesses in supporting sustainable farming practices and delivering exceptional coffee.

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What Do We Offer?



Whether you’re a large business or a scaling start-up, we’ll deliver knockout coffee to keep your team caffeinated. We also offer expert training, equipment and ongoing support.

Coffee for offices


We understand that every business has distinct coffee requirements. Whether you’re a wholesaler or a retailer, discuss your needs with our team, and we’ll customise our offerings to suit your business perfectly.

Coffee for hospitality

Looking for something a little different?

We recognise that every business has unique coffee needs. Whether you're a wholesaler or a retail establishment, talk to our team about your specific requirements and we'll tailor our solutions to meet them.

How It Works

About Our Beans

Better for people

We’re committed to making life better for people at source. We source all coffee directly from farmers and pay 60% above the Fairtrade base price, on average.

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Better for the planet

We champion sustainable coffee farming practices that are kind to the planet. We’re also proud to offer fully recyclable packaging and biodegradable merchandise.

Better for business

Coffee should offer more than just a caffeine buzz - it should be a treat. We’ve poured passion and skill into every cup, so our 100% speciality grade coffee is a joy to drink.

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I would highly recommend PACT coffee to any company, the customer service and coffee is exceptional - we wouldn't want to go anywhere else!

Leanna Treloar, Hello Fresh

What we particularly liked about Pact Coffee was their strong commitment to sustainability, underpinned by their alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Justine Porterie, Depop

We found Pact Coffee while we were looking for a good quality coffee for our new coffee machines and we loved the story, the values, the quality and the commitment of Pact Coffee.

Max Varialle, Club Quarters Hotel (St Paul's)

Transforming the coffee industry

Coffee isn’t fair. That’s the ugly truth. Big Coffee is bad coffee - an industry filled with underpaid farmers and over-roasted beans, all of which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

We’re on a mission to fix things with better coffee, better practices and better pay for farmers. By sourcing coffee directly with farmers, we’re able to drastically reduce the steps in the traditional supply chain, leaving more money in the hands of farmers.

Read our latest Transparency Report to discover how we’re making the coffee industry a fairer, more sustainable place.

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