Is the end near for freeze dried coffee?



Hi Coffee Lovers, got an interesting topic for you today to think about over your morning cuppa. 

Freeze Dried Coffee. It serves a great purpose for those who don't have the time nor skills to make 'premium coffee' every morning, just add two spoon fulls of coffee granules, some hot water and your done! 

However, according to sales figures from the freeze dried coffee giants, Nestle who produce Nescafe, sales have dropped in freeze dried coffee over the past year. More people now have turned to making their own coffee from coffee beans or ground coffee.

But why? Surly freeze dried coffee is just as good and is much less time-consuming? Firstly yes it is less time consuming, however, the taste is nowhere near as good as making the coffee from fresh. When the coffee is freeze dried the coffee loses a lot of its taste and flavours and therefore making freeze dried coffee more dull than the fresh premium coffee beans. Daily coffee drinkers have finally put taste before time and are now instead of watching 'Jeremy Kyle' in the morning with the tv remote in one hand and the brown water in the other (freeze dried coffee) they are now making coffee from scratch themselves. 

I'm sure this isn't the end of freeze dried coffee. There will always be a market for the quick coffee but if you are willing to go out of your way and spend a small amount of time you could produce something that doesn't just look or smell like coffee but tastes like it too. Or, you could join the queue at your local coffee shop if you can't be bothered making it from scratch yourself and have someone do it for you. 

End the misery of the brown water today. Join the fresh coffee revolution and try some proper coffee! 

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