January's New Products

Hello coffee lovers,

Recently we have been adding some great new products to our site and we can't help but tell you about them. 

1. Monin Bubblegum 700ml - £6.65 

This is brand new from the popular syrup brand Monin. A unique flavour but we can confirm it does smell and taste like bubblegum! 

2. Coffee Express Massimo (4x1kg) - £30.49

Well, we know you have been asking us for this, so here it is. One of our most popular single bag blends now for sale in a box of 4. Perfect! 

3. Stainless Steel Tea Infuser - £1.99 

Something you have once again been asking for finally now available from our website fantastic quality product at a brilliant price.

4. Micro Marshmallows (1kg) - £6.99 

Forget, mini marshmallows the latest craze is micro marshmallows and you can't miss out on this craze with a price like that! 

5. Eduscho Forte Filter Coffee (70g) - £0.99

No, you don't need to check your eyes it really is 99p. Get this fantastic deal with limited stock for a very limited time. Don't miss out on this brilliant product. 


Well there you have it coffee lovers, 5 new products added this month many of which you have been asking for! Stay tuned for more through January and into February. 

Want to check out our New Products Page? Click Here. 

Have a Great Day - DC Team x 

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