Arabica Coffee Beans

What are Arabica Coffee Beans?

Arabica Coffee beans are the largest commercially cultivated variety of coffee beans produced in the world today, making up to 60% of global coffee production. Coffea Arabica is also known as "Mountain Coffee" because the Arabica coffee shrubs thrive in mountain regions, and is grown and harvested in numerous countries between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. Arabica coffee plants grow in coffee plantations between 1,300 to 1,500 meters high, but the Arabica coffee shrubs cannot tolerate frost. The beans have usually half the caffeine content of Robusta coffee beans.

The evergreen Arabica shrub is thought to be the oldest variety of coffee originating from the mountain regions of Ethiopia and is commonly referred to as Arabian coffee. 100% Arabica coffee beans are considered to be far superior to their sibling rival, Robusta Coffee beans because they contain twice the levels of sugar than Robusta and have 60% higher lipids,(natural oils and waxes) which improve the mouthfeel and taste of your cup of coffee. The beans were thought to have first been consumed by monks in Ethiopia in the 12th century, who discovered the benefits of drinking coffee which helped to keep them awake during their long working days.

Which Countries Produce Arabica Coffee Beans?

Arabica beans produce a higher quality, sweeter and smoother tasting coffee than Robusta Coffee beans, but with a higher level of acidity. You can easily tell the difference between an Arabica bean which is elongated and the round shape of Robusta coffee beans. Brazil is the world's largest producer of Arabica beans and an excellent example of this country's coffee beans are available online from UK supplier Discount Coffee, Rio Brazilian Santos coffee beans. Coffee was first introduced into Brazil by the Portuguese in 1727 to generate wealth for the country. Top quality Arabica Coffee beans originate from other Central American countries including Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jamaican Blue Mountain and from Eastern Africa including Ethiopia, Malawi, AAA Kenya and also from Asia including Kona Coffee beans from Hawaii, Java, Monsoon Malabar coffee from India, Sumatra, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Many of these Single Origin Arabica beans can be bought in the UK online from Discount Coffee. Arabica coffee beans are healthy too because they contain larger volumes of antioxidants than Robusta coffee due to the Arabica coffee beans being larger. Most Arabica Coffee beans will have a smooth, sweet, nutty and slightly chocolatey caramel taste with hints of acidity. Some coffee specialists consider Colombian Coffee beans to be the best and others love Blue Mountain coffee for their mild nutty flavour which is available online with free UK delivery from Rio Blue Mountain Coffee beans.

 Where Can I buy 100% Arabica Coffee Beans Online?

UK online coffee supplier Discount Coffee has a wide range of Arabica beans from famous coffee brands including Lavazza, Davidoff, Rio, Larozza Company, Mokarabia, Chiswells of London and Lyons Coffee. Many of the Arabica beans are Single Origin coffee and Discount Coffee also stocks the World's most expensive Arabica beans, Kopi Luwak coffee from Indonesia. Rio Decaffeinated Arabica beans are also available online from Discount Coffee and those who wish to source Fairtrade Arabica beans, Rio Fairtrade coffee is the perfect answer.


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