Choc O Lait Sticks

Tasty Choc O Lait chocolate sticks from Discount Coffee.

Choc O Lait chocolate sticks are available in 10 different flavours from the UK's No1 online wholesaler Discount Coffee.

Choc O Lait was created in 2004 to sell Belgian chocolate cubes on a wooden stick which can be melted in hot milk, water or coffee to make a deliciously creamy chocolatey drink. As the name suggests "chocolate with milk ", simply swirl the chocolate on a stick around in your cup of hot milk and in under one minute, the chocolate cube will have fully dissolved, Oh so yummy! Discount Coffee supplies Choc o Lait sticks online as single sticks or you can buy larger numbers in boxes. All Choc o Lait sticks are hygienically individually wrapped to maintain their freshness.

Choc o Lait Milk chocolate on a stick is the most popular flavour with our UK online customers. Discount Coffee's wholesale customers including hotel groups have made the Choc o Lait Milk chocolate stirrers our No1 best selling hot chocolate.

What flavours of Choc O Lait do Discount Coffee wholesale online?

Our online UK wholesale customers really enjoy the Choc O Lait mint flavour and Cointreau chocolate sticks melted in their cups of after-dinner coffee, simply divine. Discount Coffee also supplies its online cafe bar clients with the very popular Choc o Lait milk chocolate, Choc o Lait vanilla, Choc O lait hazelnut and Choc O Lait caramel flavours. Then there are the real chocolate lovers who seem to love the Choc o lait mocha coffee flavoured chocolate sticks and the rich flavour of the Choc O Lait dark Belgian chocolate sticks. Last but by no means least are the Choc o lait coconut sticks for that " Bounty" experience and the Choc O Lait cinnamon spiced chocolate stick much loved on the continent.

Can I buy a mixture of Choc O Lait chocolate stick flavours?

Discount Coffee offers its Choc O Lait customers the option to buy one chocolate stick on its own or as many flavours and quantities as they wish. Our UK online wholesale customers usually order larger quantities of Choc O Lait chocolate sticks over £50.00 to receive free delivery. We also ship Choc O Lait sticks to our online customers around the world.

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