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Partnering with Monin Syrups and Sweet Bird, Discount Coffee is committed to livening up your coffee with a variety of different, enticing flavours.

The Syrups shown on this page are organised by best-selling products. The ones at the top are our customers' favourites, while the ones near the bottom are the newer ones that people have yet to try. We can guarantee you'll love all of them!

Make your own special concoction today with our coffee flavouring syrups from Monin and Sweet Bird.

Monin Syrups

Monin syrups have been made in Bourges, France since 1912, so they have a long-running history of excellence.

In 1994 Monin was awarded the Grand Prize of European Excellence for perfection in production. In addition, in 1993 Monin participated in the International Cocktail Competition in Vienna, receiving several awards and reconfirmed its reputation for excellence by winning three gold medals during the 1996 International Cocktail Competition in Tokyo.

With regards to coffee syrups, Monin coffee syrups were voted No. 1 World Wide Champion by the I.B.A in 2009. Today, Monin are the world's largest and best-known producer of premium syrups and liqueurs for beverage and culinary applications. Monin syrups are used the world over.

Monin Syrups provide the elements to serve creative, fruity and great-tasting beverages, whether they be hot or cold.

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