Colombian Coffee

What is Colombian Coffee?

Despite being only the third largest global producer, lagging way behind Brazil and Vietnam, Colombia is arguably the country most synonymous with the coffee bean. In no small part, this is down to the Colombian terroir, which lends itself to the cultivation of Arabica: the variety of choice for the coffee enthusiast, and widely accepted as superior in quality to the less-flavoursome Robusta. Added to this is the fact that Colombian coffee has long been favoured by big-name brands like Nescafé, and it is hardly surprising that the country is the first one most people think of when it comes to selecting the origin of their beans. Award-winning Rio Colombian coffee beans are available from UK online coffee specialists

Typically characterised by mild acidity and a caramel-like finish (although this can obviously vary wildly from one producer to another), Colombia-grown coffee has deservedly earned a reputation as amongst the finest in the world. Comprising espresso pods, instant, Rio Colombian filter coffee,  ground, and whole-bean coffees, our Colombian range offers great taste and superb value for money. Whether you are looking to stock your office or small business, or even if you are simply in need of a few bags for your home, we are sure that delicious Rio Colombian coffee is right for you. 

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