ESE Coffee Pods

What are ESE Coffee Pods?

ESE coffee pods are the short abbreviation for Easy Serving Espresso coffee pods.ESE coffee pods were developed in the 1970s by Italian coffee roasters Illy coffee to supply customers who required a standardised fresh espresso coffee without the need to have a coffee grinder. ESE coffee pods have 7grams of pre-ground espresso coffee packed into a small round perforated paper bag which fits into a standard 44mm espresso machine group handle. ESE coffee pods usually individually wrapped for freshness and are single use. Double ESE coffee pods are also available which contain 14grams of espresso ground coffee to make a double shot of espresso.

 How do you use ESE coffee pods?

Standard 44mm ESE 7gr coffee pods are designed to fit any regular size tradition espresso machine group handle basket. Sometimes a deeper group handle basket is required when using 14gr Double ESE coffee pods because of the larger depth due to extra coffee packed into the ESE coffee pod. These rarer double ESE coffee pods can be found on the UK's coffee wholesale coffee website,

To make an espresso coffee simply:

Unwrap the ESE coffee pod.

Pop the ESE coffee pod into the coffee machine's group handle.

Place the group handle under the coffee machine brew head.

Press the machine button to push hot water into the coffee basket to brew.

Wait until the correct quantity of fresh espresso coffee has filled the coffee cup.

Switch off the hot water, remove the group handle and dispose of the used coffee pod.

Now enjoy your freshly brewed espresso coffee with no mess or waste.

Where can I buy ESE coffee pods?

UK's online coffee company can deliver a broad range of ESE coffee pods next day. The Rio decaffeinated ESE 44mm coffee pods are perfect for customers who wish a cup of decaffeinated espresso coffee. Fairtrade ESE coffee pods are also available from A small range of Mokarabia ESE coffee pods is also available including a 100% Arabica ESE coffee pod. For those that really love a strong espresso coffee then there is Rio Coffee's double ESE Italian Espresso coffee pod which contains 14grams of pure espresso coffee. ESE coffee pods are so easy to use with no old coffee grains to clean up and a guaranteed fresh cup of espresso coffee every time. You can even choose from a medium or strong coffee depending on the coffee blend and a decaf coffee too.

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