Espresso Ground Coffee

What is Espresso Ground Coffee?

Espresso ground coffee is usually a typical Italian style blend of roasted Arabica and Robusta coffee beans which have been ground for use in a traditional espresso machine. Espresso means quick, and a cup of espresso coffee is a small demitasse shot of fresh coffee with a concentrated flavour topped off with a thick crema. Espresso ground coffee is usually a slightly darker roasted coffee because the darker the espresso coffee beans are roasted the more porous the coffee bean becomes and this enhances the brewing and extraction process when making an espresso coffee bursting with aroma and flavour. Some Italian coffee roasters believe that a slightly milder roasted 100% Arabica coffee makes a better cup of espresso coffee because there is less chance of bitterness being extracted from the espresso ground coffee. The UK coffee market has embraced espresso coffee and because it has lower caffeine levels than an Americano coffee, many choose a shot of espresso as the healthier option.

Can I Use Espresso Ground Coffee In Different Coffee Equipment?

Discount Coffee sells a variety of branded espresso ground coffee for use in various coffee making equipment. Espresso ground coffee is essentially produced as a finely ground espresso coffee for use in a traditional Italian espresso machine. Rio Barista Espresso Ground coffee is available online specifically for use in professional espresso equipment where the option to grind the espresso coffee beans is not available. However, Mokarabia 100% Arabica ground espresso coffee and Lavazza Rossa ground coffee are both Omni ground and can be used in a number of different coffee making equipment including stovetops, Cafetierres / French Press, filter coffee machines and espresso machines. Discount Coffee supplies online in the UK, Davidoff the luxury Swiss coffee company's 100% Arabica espresso ground coffee called Dark Aroma, strong but without bitterness.

What Else Can Espresso Ground Coffee Be Used For?

Espresso ground coffee makes an espresso coffee which is the base for most coffee drinks sold in the UK including; cappuccinos, lattes, americanos. Espresso ground coffee can also be brewed and the liquid used in cooking where a balance with sweetness is required. You can add some espresso coffee to your chocolate cake to enhance the flavour or even add it to chilli, oregano, sugar and paprika to make a fantastic steak rub. The UK loves the traditional Italian dessert Tiramisu, and this delightful dessert would be nothing without the essential addition of espresso coffee. You can find some fabulous espresso ground coffee blends on our UK online shop, Discount Coffee.

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