Fairtrade Coffee Beans

Fairtrade coffee

Discount Coffee is proud to be a leading supplier of wholesale Fairtrade Coffee in the UK.

We’ve proudly picked ethical partners that help us provide the best coffee to our customers, whilst ensuring that independent farmers and growers receive fair pay for fair work. You can find the Fairtrade certification mark on many of our products, enabling you to shop responsibly and enjoy delicious coffee that has been cultivated in independent co-ops around the world.

What is fairtrade coffee?

Fairtrade coffee is coffee that has been sourced and purchased directly from the grower.

The purchase price is often higher than that of regular coffee, as there is a premium added that goes towards planning for sustainable development. The money doesn’t pass through a third-party distributor or supplier, but goes straight back into the coffee co-op, allowing coffee growers to not only make a profit, but also to improve their facilities to better business in the long run. Fairtrade ensures that the money paid to those that have grown the coffee equals a fair, living wage, and that no child or forced labour was used at any point in the growing process.

Why buy fairtrade coffee?

There are many reasons it makes sense to invest in fairtrade coffee.

Firstly, the quality of the coffee is exceptional. Many co-ops practice environmentally-friendly growing techniques that limit the use of agrochemicals and other harmful additives, thus improving and increasing the overall flavor. As the coffee is sourced from local communities around the world, there is also a great deal of variety to enjoy. You can sample sensational blends that have been cultivated in a variety of different soil and temperature conditions. Fairtrade Coffee is a fair and affordable option for everyone involved. You get fantastic, flavourful coffee that has been grown without harmful pesticides, the local communities in which it was grown benefit from the profits brought in by the co-op, and coffee farmers receive a living wage.

Great coffee, fair business –what’s not to love?

We only buy the best fairtrade coffee

At Discount Coffee, we work with leading farmers to source only the finest quality fairtrade coffee available.

We have ground coffee, fresh beans, instant coffee sticks and sachets available, all grown and prepared by ethical partners around the world. Independent farmers in South America and Africa will make a fair profit with every purchase, and you and your customers can enjoy delicious, aromatic coffee with every sip. Have questions about any of our fairtrade coffee partners? Contact the Discount Coffee team today.

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