French Press & Cafetiere Coffee

Cafetiere Coffee – a guide to the mastering the perfect brew

To some, it’s a “French Press”. To others, it’s a “Cafetiere” or “coffee plunger.” While coffee lovers may not be able to agree on what to call it, what they can agree on is that coffee made with this equipment is nothing short of perfect. That is of course, when it’s made correctly. Sourcing the right Cafetiere Coffee is one important step in getting the taste just right, and there are a few other things to consider to make the most out of every brew…

Making Cafetiere Coffee

First, make sure the cafetiere is clean, and that you have enough coffee on hand to brew your coffee to the desired strength and in the right amount. Secondly, heat the cafetiere. It is recommended to use hot rather than boiling water, so make sure you leave the kettle for a couple of minutes before you pour. Remove the hot water, and re-boil the kettle with some more water. Add the desired amount of Cafetiere Coffee grounds while you wait. Once the kettle has boiled, wait thirty seconds, and then pour the water over the grounds. You may wish to pour slowly as the coffee can “froth” as water is added. Once filled to the desired level, leave for three to four minutes, without stirring. Then, plunge (steadily and slowly), pour, and enjoy!

Caring for your Cafetiere

A cafetiere can be a lifetime investment if treated with care. In order to make the most out of your cafetiere coffee machine, wash after every use – but not when hot. Make sure the pot has had ample time to cool down, and you may wish to dispose of the grounds in the bin rather than the sink to avoid a blockage. Wash carefully if your cafetiere is glass, and wash the mesh and filter ring separately (you may wish to allow these to soak).

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When it comes to choosing the perfect cafetiere, Discount Coffee has a wide range of traditional French press coffee machines. We have practical designs for “heavy-duty” coffee consumption, and more elegant cafetieres to infuse your next dinner party with a little personality. Along with the equipment, we also have a wide selection of French Press and Cafetiere Coffee to match. You can find specialty decaf and Fairtrade coffee, along with offerings from South America, Italy and Africa to sample. To find out more about using, cleaning or selecting coffee to use in your cafetiere, simply get in touch with the Discount Coffee team to have your questions answered.




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