Lavazza Coffee Beans

When someone asks you to name a luxurious, bold Italian coffee, the chances are your thoughts turn to Lavazza.

Lavazza Coffee has been producing and exporting delicious coffee for nearly 120 years, and is today one of the most popular choices in it’s native Italy. In fact, out of the 20 million families that buy coffee in Italy, 16 million buy Lavazza. So just what exactly is it that makes this coffee so popular?

A look at the history of Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza Coffee is a family company, dating back to 1895.

It was founded in Turin, Italy, by Luigi Lavazza, and to this day remains a family-run establishment. The coffee is known for it’s velvety smooth taste, attributed to the usage of 100% Arabica beans. Often described as flavourful and rich, there are different variations of the coffee roasted to different strengths, so virtually any coffee lover can find something they like. The beans are sourced from renowned coffee producing regions such as Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Uganda, and are prepared using the company’s secret family recipe. Lavazza coffee beans are best enjoyed fresh, so it is recommended that an open bag be stored in the fridge, and the coffee consumed within three weeks of opening to enjoy optimal flavour. And of course, it is best prepared using a stove-top cafetiere, and served alongside a traditional Italian sweet.

Today, Lavazza coffee is manufactured across four plants in Italy, and is exported to over 90 countries worldwide. The enduring popularity of this coffee makes it a popular choice when served anywhere from the dinner table to the boardroom, and you can find an impressive selection of incomparable Lavazza coffee online at Discount Coffee.

Find Lavazza Coffee online at Discount Coffee

There are an estimated 17 billion cups of Lavazza coffee consumed worldwide.

To join these legions of coffee fans, you can find a range of Lavazza coffee products at great prices from Discount Coffee. We have both ground and whole coffee beans available in a range of consistencies and flavours, so whether you want a dark espresso or a creamy cappuccino, you can make your favourite drink using some of the finest coffee beans available. Lavazza coffee beans have been a leading choice for coffee lovers worldwide for over a century, and now you too can enjoy the premium taste for less when you buy online with Discount Coffee.

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