Monin Coffee Syrup

Since being founded in Bourges in 1912, Monin has offered its customers fantastic products, helping it to carve out a reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of flavouring syrups. Beginning as a small family business, the company has expanded to the point where its syrups are now sold in more than one hundred and forty countries worldwide, with the grandson of founder George Monin currently serving as president of the organisation. When you buy one of Monin’s products, you are assured the level of quality that comes with over a century of knowledge and expertise.

If you enjoy coffee but would like to add a little sweetness to your beverage, or if you simply wish to try something different with your daily caffeine fix, our range of Monin products has everything you need to create great-tasting hot drinks. Available in 700 ml and 1 litre bottles, Monin syrups come in a wide range of flavours, from crème brûlée to butterscotch, from mango to macadamia. Whether you are looking to pick up a range of syrups for your small business or even for use at home, our Monin range offers superb taste and outstanding value for money.


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