PG Tips

One of the UK’s most recognisable brands, PG Tips has been on the go since the 1930s when its full title was “Pre-Gest-Tea”, referring to its purported benefits as a pre-dinner drink. The word “Tips” was subsequently added to highlight the fact that only the top of the tea leaf is used in the PG blend, producing a slightly sweeter finish than blends which use the whole leaf. More recently, the company launched the pyramid bag, which is designed to replicate the interior of a teapot, allowing the leaves to move around more freely, leading to a more flavoursome cuppa. 

Whether you are looking for supplies for your business, or simply wish to pick up some great tea at a low price, we have a variety of PG Tips products to meet your specific needs. Ranging from packs of 80 to packs of 1150, our PG Tips teabags represent not only superior quality but outstanding value for money. For offices, we also offer vending-machine refills, whilst those looking to monitor their caffeine intake are catered for by PG Tips decaf, guaranteeing a delicious-tasting cup of tea that won’t keep you up at night.  

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