Discount Coffee

Welcome to Discount Coffee the home the best coffee beans, grinds, pods and barista supplies. Discount Coffee have been supplying retail and wholesale business with their coffee requirements for over 17 years. We deliver great tasting coffee to tousands of happy customers - throughout the world - every day.

We pride ourselves on delivering gourmet coffee beans in their freshest state. Even when bulk buying you are assured of buying the freshest coffee on the market. We deliver our coffee worldwide on a daily basis, with most of our orders fulfilled within 24 hours. If you need you coffee beans in a hurry select Next Day Delivery service at the checkout.

The Roasting Process

Our signature coffee bean blends are roasted by experienced master roasters in small batches  throughout the UK to the highest recipe and quality standards. From the roaster, the beans are left to cool before being added to our custom air tight coffee bags to lock in the freshness of the bean.

Why is our Coffee so affordable?

We have established great relationships with all of our growers and coffee suppliers over the 17 years we have been in business. Because of this, we source the best quality coffee at the lowest prices. We then pass these prices on to you. We provide a wide range of gourmet beans and grinds including Lavazza, Lorazza, Lyons, Moka Efti and Rio Coffee. We also stock coffee pods,syrups, disposable coffee cups, milk pots and sugars for restaurants and catering businesses.

We supply our coffee beans and ground coffee to thousands of homes, offices, cafes and hotels. We offer fantastic Bulk Buy deals, always with great customer service and remeber - FREE Next Day Delivery when you spend over £50!!

5 Reasons why I Should buy Coffee from Discount Coffee?

  • Best Value For Money - always!
  • Speedy Delivery Worldwide
  • Highest Quality Coffee Beans - loads of brands!
  • Safe and Secure Online Ordering
  • Next Day Delivery in the UK


How to Buy Coffee for Your Business

If you are the owner of a café, restaurant, or hotel, coffee is one of your most frequently purchased items. The quality of your coffee is one of the trademarks of your business and a major contributor to customer repeat visits.

Buying coffee wholesale is what you do, however remember that buying wholesale does not mean any sacrifice of quality. We offer a  wide selection of top quality beans and grinds and with FREE Delivery on orders of more than £50 you need to shop now.


Our Tips for Buying in Bulk

  • Whenever possible buy from a provider that roasts the beans on demand for super freshness
  • Store beans in a dark place, but NOT in the freezer or refrigerator as the moisture will compromise the flavour of the beans
  • Buy whole beans if possible. This will give your guests the most flavour. If you don’t have time to frequently grind beans, select quality pre-ground beans.
  • If you have a bean to cup machine make sure the beans you select work well with your machine. While bean to cup machines can be somewhat expensive, they do provide a great and efficient way to give guests that fresh ground taste.
  • If you are a hotelier, consider placing individual sized pre-ground bags and small drip pots in the guest rooms.
  • At one time coffee purists only purchased beans in valve sealed bags as opposed to vacuum sealed bags. Roasted coffee beans naturally give off carbon dioxide and supposedly the valve sealed bags allowed the gas to escape and protect the flavour of the beans. Supposedly they also prevented the bags from exploding due a build up of the gas. The simple fact is you should buy the beans that taste the best, regardless of how the bag is sealed - simple!
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