Lyons Decaf Coffee Bags (18x7g)

Lyons decaf coffee bags ae fantastic at producing the perfect cup of decaffeinated coffee in a few easy steps. Also, the price for these coffee bags will blow you away with just how reasonable they are! Just £2.85 per box of 18. Bellow is some information on how to brew the perfect cup of Lyons. But, before you look at it you should order yours now by clicking here

Brewing the perfect cup of Lyons Decaf Coffee:

Simply place the Lyons decaffeinated coffee bag in a mug or cup. Pour on freshly boiled water. The Lyons decaf coffee bag releases a rich coffee colour immediately... but let it brew for 3-4 minutes. This time may be adjusted according to your preferred taste. Remove the Lyons coffee bag and enjoy!

The Lyons decaf coffee bag has a great Lyons coffee taste without the caffeine!

Great for work, at home, on holiday, camping or in a rush. Also, because they are individually packed you can enjoy a fresh Lyons decaf coffee in 5 minutes anytime! 

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