3 Good Reasons To Drink Robusta Coffee

Espresso with crema

Although 70% of the world's production of coffee is Arabica, Robusta has many advantages for the real coffee lover. The Italians have been adding Robusta coffee beans to their coffee blends for centuries to help create the perfect espresso coffee.

Reason 1: Low Acidity

Robusta coffee beans have a lower acidity than Arabica beans. This means that a coffee made with Robusta beans will be gentler on your stomach.

Reason 2: Higher Caffeine

On average Robusta coffee beans contain roughly 2.5% more caffeine than your average Arabica coffee.This makes Robusta beans a perfect addition to your blend of coffee to produce the ultimate "Pick Me Up".

Reason 3: Perfect Crema

Italian coffee blends love adding Robusta coffee beans to their coffee blends, usually 15-20%, because Robusta makes a fantastic Crema. When the ground coffee is pressurised through an espresso machine, carbon dioxide is extracted along with melanoidins to create the foam topping, which is the crema. This crema looks very much like a Guinness, and helps to improve the smoothness of the espresso coffee.

Which Robusta may be the one for you?

Robusta coffee is generally stronger and higher in caffeine than pure Arabica coffees. ForRio Corleone Forte Italian Roast Coffee Beans those of you with a strong constitution and really need a "Wake Me Up Hit", then the Rio Corleone coffee is most definitely the one to choose.

If your you enjoy a milder Italian blend of coffee, then why not try our Rio Oro coffee beans? These are an authentic Italian blend of 20% Robusta and 80% Arabica coffee. 




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