Rio Oro Coffee Beans

Where can I Buy Rio Oro?

Rio Oro coffee is exclusively supplied by the UK online coffee supply company Discount Coffee. Rio Oro which means Gold is an exceptional golden roast blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Rio Oro is an Italian roast coffee perfect for making great-tasting espressos and cappuccinos, and are available for UK delivery from 

What makes Rio Oro coffee taste so good?

Rio Oro is a special blend of coffee beans from South America including Colombia and Brazil which give a smooth sweet taste mixed with stronger Robusta coffee beans from Africa. Rio Oro coffee beans are expertly roasted in  Brazillian air convection coffee roasters which ensure a perfectly even roasted coffee. The special Brazillian coffee roasters uniquely prevent any burning of the coffee beans to ensure a smoother fully roasted coffee. Rio Oro is roasted following an authentic Italian recipe to create the best Italian coffee beans. The original Rio Oro coffee is only supplied by the UK online wholesaler

Rio Oro Coffee Beans Best Italian coffee.

Italian espresso coffee is usually a thicker stronger-tasting coffee and Rio Oro espresso coffee makes a fantastic espresso coffee perfect as a base for cappuccinos, flat whites and lattes too. Rio Oro coffee beans produce an amazing crema when used in traditional cappuccino machines. Contrary to popular belief Espresso coffee generally contains less caffeine than a regular Americano. Rio Oro has a reputation for making some of the best Italian coffees and is available exclusively in the UK from

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