1kg Bags of Coffee Beans

How many coffees does a 1kg coffee beans make?

A 1kg coffee beans bag of coffee beans makes on average between 120-140 cups of single-shot coffee. The coffee industry standard espresso coffee shot is 30ml and uses 7 grams of ground coffee. Provided there is zero wastage, a 1kg bag of coffee beans will make exactly 143 cups of espresso coffee. An average 1kilo bag of Rio coffee beans contains just under 8000 individual coffee beans. Naturally, coffee beans vary in size and circumference, and so if the coffee beans were larger in size such as Elephant coffee beans then you would have a reduced number of actual coffee beans per 1kg bag. Arabica and Robusta coffee beans size are on average 10mm long and 8mm wide, however, the margin of size difference depends upon the coffee beans origin and type which can have numerous size variations. a wide variety of 1 kg bags of coffee beans are available to purchase from the UK's fastest-growing online coffee company discountcoffee.co.uk.

How many coffee plants does it take to make a 1kg bag of coffee beans?

An average coffee tree produces roughly 4000 green coffee beans per year. So a Rio 1kg bag of coffee beans requires more than two coffee plants to fill a 1kilo bag because, during the coffee bean roasting process, green coffee beans lose between 15%-18% of their weight. The worldwide standard commercial catering packing size is 1kg bags of coffee beans. 1-kilo coffee bean bags have been specifically designed for commercial usage in professional coffee bean grinders which have a 1kg coffee bean capacity hopper.

Where can I buy 1 kg bags of coffee beans?

1 kg bags of freshly roasted coffee beans are readily available from the UK's No1 online coffee wholesalers discountcoffee.co.uk which have hundreds of 1kg bags of coffee beans including; Rio coffee beans, Lavazza coffee beans, larozza Italian coffee beans, Coffee Express Massimo 1kg bags of coffee beans, Mokarabia 1kg bags of coffee beans, Chiswells of London artisan roast coffee beans, Davidoff Swiss coffee beans, Torro Spanish coffee beans, and Eduscho German coffee beans.

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