Earl Grey Tea

Widely held to be named after Charles Grey, Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1830 to 1834, Earl Grey tea is defined by its unique citric flavour, which is derived from the Bergamot orange. Enjoyed by tea-lovers worldwide, Earl Grey has come to be synonymous with British culture, and a number of companies produce their own blends using different varieties of black tea and aromatics. Perfect with milk or a slice of lemon, a cup of Earl Grey is a great way to kick off your morning, while the bergamot orange is believed to help you lose weight and lower cholesterol. 

Whether you are looking to restock your café at a low price or you simply wish to pick up some tea for the home, our Earl Grey range is sure to include a delicious tea that will meet your specific needs. With products from Tetley, Twinings and James Aimer to choose from, available in boxes of twenty-five and one hundred bags, you are sure to love the variety and value for money provided by our selection of Earl Grey tea.

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