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If you are a barista or a coffee shop owner you may well be wondering what the benefits of ordering your coffee beans via a wholesale coffee supplier vs a cash and carry or supermarket are. There are multiple benefits to using a trusted industry wholesale coffee supplier including:

  • great discounts
  • a fresher, higher quality product (although we sell our coffee wholesale, we only roast our beans in small batches making them much fresher)
  • personalised customer service (more than a name on a mail merged email, you get a dedicated account manager)
  • friendly and diligent customer service

A good wholesale coffee supplier will not only sell you coffee and all the various sundries, but will also offer you invaluable advice about the best type of coffee bean to buy to suit your purposes. They will also keep you informed about the latest innovations in the coffee world and up to date on any deals available which will help you save money!

All of this sounds good in theory. So how does it work in practice?

Well, The Discount Coffee Company is a fine example. It is a small but energetic company, staffed by friendly and capable people who are not only willing to take an order from you but are capable of offering good and unbiased advice on all aspects of the coffee industry. Particularly, regarding which type of wholesale coffee deals are best for your business (e.g. buy multiple kilo bags of single origin vs buy 4kg of Rio Oro).

Example 1

A hotelier calls the Discount Coffee team to enquire about the wholesale deals on offer and our diligent staff provide the best deals on coffee for their bar and restaurant as well as deals on UHT milk, individually wrapped biscuits and coffee and tea sachets for the rooms. Thus saving you time and more importantly saving you money. 

Rio Coffee: Our most Loved Coffee

The Rio range is available in one-kilo packs or in a case containing four kilos. There are case discounts available as well as special offers on multiple case purchases. So if you wish to purchase ten or more cases at any one time it is well worth asking which offers are currently available. Another thing to bear in mind is the cost of delivery. Free, next day delivery, for stock items is available for timeously placed orders to destinations in UK mainland. This applies to orders valued at £50 and over. One thing to remember is, if your order falls just short of this qualifying value then the cost of ordering an extra one kilo can, in fact, save you money by qualifying your order for free next day delivery!

Apart from the Rio range, The Discount Coffee Company can supply the more exotic type of beans for those customers with a more discerning palate. This includes the exclusive Blue Mountain range which is grown in the Blue Mountain Range in Jamaica. This coffee bean grown in soil and conditions found nowhere else in the world produces a coffee with a unique flavour which is worth that little bit extra payment.

Placing wholesale coffee orders could not be easier. Everything is processed online and if you sign up for an account you can easily reorder your coffee with 2 clicks. 

Who makes wholesale orders from Discount Coffee?

You do not have to be a coffee shop owner to get in on our great wholesale coffee deals. The Discount Coffee Company supplies coffee to all types of businesses including offices, universities, hair salons, gyms, hotels, pubs, army bases and even hospitals. And why do all of these places buy wholesale from us?

Imagine if you will, a wet and windy morning and you arrive early at the salon for your appointment, you get their a little flustered from the weather but excited for your appointment nonetheless. When you arrive you are handed a delicious hot steaming mug of coffee to warm you up and to get your brain firing. What better way to pass the time than to sip a cup of freshly ground coffee. Your client gets to experience quality from the moment they step in the door and the feel like they are being treated with the up most importance. All the while you are smiling to yourself contently knowing that the perks you are passing to you clients are costing you no more than 3p per cup. 

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to place your wholesale coffee order over the phone. Discount Coffee does not sell cheap coffee, but we do sell great coffee at cheap prices when you buy wholesale coffee.

Why not join our thousands of happy wholesale customers in the UK and abroad who are buying wholesale coffee from Discount Coffee and are enjoying the benefits of major reductions in their coffee bills.

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