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Chiswells of London are luxury coffee merchants who specialise in sourcing and supplying exclusive artisan teas and coffee who can trace their family business roots back to Richard Chiswell in the Seventeenth Century. Richard Chiswell also known as "Turkey Merchant", was the son of the famous bookseller to Royalty by the same name, Richard Chiswell who was based on the grounds of St.Pauls churchyard. His son Richard imported spices from Constantinople (Istanbul) to London between 1696 to 1698.

Richard Chiswell is interred at St.Mary the Virgin parish church on the grounds of the old family estate, Debden Hall in Essex. Richard Chiswell became an MP between 1715 to 1722 and was an original founder and director of The Bank of England. Richard Chiswell was so fascinated by his business dealings in Turkey that he made three journies throughout the Middle East as a merchant, writing down his experiences in his journals which are today housed in The Bodleian Library at Oxford University. Chiswell Street in Islington London was named after him. Richard's son continued the Chiswell family business connections with Turkey by residing for part of his life in Constantinople.

Chiswells of London specialty range of rare and luxury artisan coffee and teas follows in the footsteps of their esteemed ancestors. Chiswells source their most exclusive coffees directly from coffee plantations in South America, Africa, and Asia. Chiswells of London family Latin motto is "Qualis Est Omnia"., quality is everything. Chiswells pride themselves on their unique one-to-one connections with many of the family-owned coffee plantations around the globe, this gives them exclusive access to many rare and unusual varieties of coffee which are not usually available on the open market to other coffee merchants. Chiswells Blue Mountain coffee beans are one of their consistently top-selling coffees

Chiswells of London specialty coffees and teas are exclusively distributed in the UK by online coffee suppliers

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