Italian Ground Coffee

What is Italian Ground Coffee?

When you think of Italian ground coffee, you think of espresso coffee and the traditional espresso machine for making cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and ristrettos. Espresso Italian ground coffee has its origins in Italy because of the making of espresso coffee from Italian designed and produced espresso machines of which the first prototype was launched at the 1855 Universal Exhibition of Paris.

The passion for great Italian ground coffee is world famous and has become a cultural phenomenon with coffee rituals passed from one generation to the next. Today when we think of products associated with Italian culture, great Italian coffee is one of the top items along with Pizza, Pasta and Ferrari.

How did Coffee come to Italy?

Coffee production was strictly controlled by Arab traders, who forbade the export of coffee plants and boiled the coffee beans before export so that they could not germinate. It is believed that Venetian merchants first imported coffee from Arab coffee traders into Italy in the Sixteenth Century. Unfortunately, Christian fanatics quickly condemned coffee as "the Drink of the Devil" inciting Pope Clement VIII to ban the Arab drink. Luckily, some enterprising Venitian coffee traders visited the Pope and brewed him a cup of coffee which he much enjoyed and perhaps along with a financial inducement, the Pope was encouraged to give coffee his Papal blessing. Henceforth the consumption of coffee began to spread throughout Italy to become Italy's most popular drink.

Which coffee brands produce the best Italian ground coffee?

Discount Coffee wholesales a broad variety of Italian ground coffee online in the UK including famous coffee brands Lavazza, Mokarabia, Rio Coffee, Larozza Coffee. Lavazza Qualita Rossa ground coffee, which an Omni ground coffee, is produced in Turin in Northern Italy, is a beautiful and traditional Italian ground coffee created from a special blend of Brazillian Arabica coffee and African Robusta coffee which makes a sweet, creamy and rounded cup of coffee. Rio Rich Italian coffee is a special coarse cafetiere Italian ground coffee blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta. Decaffeinated Italian ground coffee is also available online in the UK including Mokarabia Cure di Moka and Lavazza decaf. Rio Barista Italian ground coffee is exceptionally popular with our customers who do not have a coffee grinder and require finely ground coffee to use in their espresso machines. Italian ground coffee for use in filter coffee machines is very popular also with our catering customers, Rio Restaurant filter ground coffee is an ideal Italian ground coffee characterised by its full-bodied medium roasted flavour.


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