Single Bags of Coffee Beans

About Our 1Kg Single Coffee Bags

Our 1kg bags of whole bean coffee are our most popular product, loved by artisan coffee-lovers all over the world. From our best selling Rio Oro Barista Blend and exclusive Davidoff Crema, to our self-roasted single origin Chiswells of London coffee beans, we have something to suit every taste.

Our 1kg bags of coffee beans are best suited for the individual that enjoys a few cups of coffee per day. If you are like us and drink a cup or two per day, a kilogram bag of coffee beans will last you just under 1 month. 

Coffeeshops, cafes and restaurants would be better off buying our coffee in larger quantities.

Locked-in Freshness

If you decide to buy your coffee 1kg at a time, you are ensuring its freshness is locked in. From the moment you place your order on our site, to the moment your coffee reaching your door, the coffee beans have only spent a maximum of 72 hours out of the roaster. As we do small batch roasts, we can guarantee that every 1kg bag of coffee beans that you receive will be the freshest available to you.

One of the major things that affects the flavor of your coffee (aside from roast levels) is the time the roasted coffee beans have spend in the air undergoing the oxidation process. The longer they are allowed to sit on a shelf, the more of the complexity and flavour is lost. That is why you will find that most supermarket coffee taste a little acrid and a little weak: because it has been weeks since they were roasted. 

Ultimately, for moderate to light coffee drinkers,1kg bags pack the best balance of good value and great taste!

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