Turkish Coffee & Coffee Pots (Cezve)

What is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee is a unique style of coffee beans that are ground to a fine powder to make unfiltered coffee in a cezve. Turkish coffee usually has a higher concentration of caffeine than other methods of coffee preparation. Emir Turkish coffee is a 100% arabica finely ground coffee that makes a thick full flavoured slightly bittersweet chocolate-tasting coffee. Turkish coffee is famous for its condensed flavour and coffee foam which is produced by heating the cezve numerous times to produce a coffee foam. Emir Turkish coffee is usually enjoyed with a little sugar or accompanied by a piece of sweet Turkish Delight. Turkish coffee is traditionally served in demitasse cups and enjoyed slowly.

How Do You Make Turkish Coffee?

Emir Turkish coffee is prepared following the traditional method which originated in The Middle East by combining Emir Turkish finely ground coffee with water and sugar if required in a cezve, brass, or copper cylindrical long-handled pot over a heat source. The Turkish coffee liquid is traditionally heated usually over an open flame until a frothy foam rises to the top of the Ibrik. The traditional method of heating the Turkish coffee warmer is to place the coffee pot in heated sand.



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