Decaf Coffee Bags

What Are Decaf Coffee Bags?

Decaf coffee bags are one cup perforated paper bags packed full of freshly ground decaffeinated coffee ready to use by simply popping in a mug and adding boiling hot water. Leave for two minutes, or longer if you prefer a stronger coffee, then squeeze, stir and remove and enjoy your cup of decaf coffee. Rio decaf coffee bags contain 7grams of medium roasted decaf coffee and are individually foil wrapped for freshness. The decaffeinated ground coffee is produced using the Swiss Water process which removes 90-95% of the caffeine from the freshly roasted coffee beans. Our UK online customers love the Rio Decaf coffee bags which should be thought of like tea bags but with coffee packed inside instead of tea, simple to use with no waste or messy coffee grounds to dispose of.

What are the Advantages of using Decaf Coffee Bags?

Discount Coffee's online UK customers often buy Rio Decaf coffee bags for their personal use, especially those customers who have a caffeine intolerance. These decaf coffee bags are so easy to use and to take with you on holiday, or when visiting a friend or going to a restaurant because they are safely packed in their individual bags ready to use whenever they require a cup of lovely caffeine-free coffee. These one cup coffee bags require no coffee machines only hot water and once you have used them you can even compost them in the garden. Our UK online catering customers usually purchase the bulk box of 150 Rio decaf delights coffee bags for their hotel bedrooms and offices really love the long life of the small bags of decaf coffee.

Decaf coffee bags allow you to enjoy the refreshing taste of real coffee without the caffeine anywhere and any time you like.

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