Fairtrade Ground Coffee

What is Fairtrade Ground Coffee?

Fairtrade ground coffee is sourced directly from the coffee farmers and they are paid above market prices for their coffee beans helping them to build a better life for their families. You can rest assured that when you choose to buy fairtrade ground coffee in the UK, not only are getting top quality sustainable and ethical coffee, you are also giving back to the small-holder coffee growers allowing them to flourish. Fairtrade ground coffee is fully certified and the Fairtrade Foundation forms a partnership between the coffee growers and the purchasers with guarantees of no child labour.

Want to Buy Fairtrade Ground Coffee Online in the UK?

Discount Coffee has successfully been supplying Fairtrade ground coffee to its UK online customers for a number of years. Rio Fairtrade filter ground coffee is very popular with our clients looking for a top quality tasting ethical coffee. Rio Fairtrade ground coffee is Fairtrade certified and makes a medium roasted smooth coffee perfect for everyday consumption. If you love the great tasting Rio Fairtrade ground coffee why not compliment a delicious cup of Fairtrade coffee with our wonderful Fairtrade biscuits and Fairtrade sugar sticks?

Make a difference today and help the small family owned coffee plantations around the world by choosing to buy online our Rio Fairtrade filter coffee...you really can make a difference. 


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