Larozza Coffee Beans

Larozza Coffee

Make the most out of every cup with delicious, rich Larozza Coffee beans.

This premium coffee fuses beans from Colombia and Brazil, handcrafted using traditional Italian techniques to create a rich, sweet finish. As ideal for special occasions as it is for everyday enjoyment, Larozza coffee is a delicious blend available exclusively from Discount Coffee.

Why choose Larozza Coffee?

The roots of this coffee are steeped in Italian history, and the method of production pays homage to these roots by utilising a traditional Italian family recipe.

When Luigi and Peppe Larozza travelled from their native Trani to Rome, the intention was to make a living selling olive oil. However, upon arriving, the duo quickly changed tact and began developing coffee to sell to local cafes in the capital. The rest, as they say, is history. Larozza Coffee was the result and has remained a popular choice for those seeking a delicious, fragrant coffee that offers plenty of value for money. The traditional Italian method of production ensures the caramelised sugars are brought to the surface, creating the unmistakable sweet aroma Larozza is known for. The coffee itself is robust and smooth with a sweet aftertaste and works well on its own, or when blended into milky, frothy drinks.

This delectable coffee is available in the UK only through Discount Coffee. We are proud to stock a fragrant coffee that is representative of authentic Italian culture. The coffee is manufactured using the highest-quality beans available, and the distinctive method of brewing gives it a distinctive, unique taste. Whether you prefer to use a cafetiere, a traditional Italian stovetop espresso maker or a modern filter machine, you can get the most out of your coffee by making it with delicious Larozza beans.

Find Larozza Coffee exclusively at Discount Coffee

Larozza premium Italian coffee is available only from Discount Coffee.

Our long-term relationship with the brand means we are privy to lower prices, which in turn means we can pass these lower costs on to you. You can enjoy a taste of Rome in the comfort of your own home, office, or other commercial establishments. Coarsely-ground beans are dark and rich, ideal for crafting the perfect espresso, while Larozza Crema is sweet for use in creamy cappuccinos and milky macchiatos. We have single and multi-bag buys available, and all at competitive prices to provide exceptional value for money.

When it comes to finding luxurious, smooth Italian coffee at affordable prices, look no further than Discount Coffee.

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