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Britain's rich coffee history is, in large part, due to Lyons, which has been making great coffee since 1904. The history of Lyons begins with the first J Lyons & Co. teashops and iconic pre-war tins right up to the contemporary "Emergency Blend" and colourful new packaging. Through the years, Lyons has gently tweaked and honed their coffee recipe to make it just right for their customers. Lyons makes the perfect cup of coffee for the ideal start to the day, the mid-day coffee break, and that luxurious cup of Gourmet Italian coffee.

The unique flavour of Lyons is derived from an original blend of quality Arabica and Robusta beans. This blend has a smooth, medium-strength flavour that is ideal for everyday drinking. Arabica coffee beans are considered to have a superior aroma and taste that is preferred by coffee connoisseurs. The blending of Arabica beans with Robusta beans creates a range of smooth, medium-strength coffees.

Preparing a cup of Lyons coffee is simple when using a Cafetiere, especially when entertaining.  One rounded dessertspoon of coffee should be used per serving. When using tap water, let it run for a few seconds to get the water as cool as possible and to maximise the oxygen content in the water. This is the perfect way to improve the flavour of the coffee, whilst using filtered water is an even better option. Bring the water to a boil and then remove it from the heat for about forty-five seconds, before pouring the hot water into the Cafetiere. Never use boiling water because it can scald the coffee, making it taste bitter. Give the coffee a little stir: just enough to disturb the coffee and then let it sit for three to five minutes. The coffee will taste stronger the longer it is left sitting. Filter machines can also be utilised.

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